Luis Garcia, Chief Design Engineer

When I applied to KONE, I knew I was applying for an excellent company. After the successful six months in KONE’s International Trainee Program (ITP), I was given the opportunity to continue my global career from a Trainee, to an Engineer, to a Specialist and now to a Chief Design Engineer. KONE has supported my career plans and encouraged me to reach my goals. 

I have always been interested in the environment and eco-efficient solutions, and KONE has been an eco-friendly company for a long time. We are currently offering the most energy-efficient elevators and escalators in the industry. Keeping this leading position challenges our work every day, and it has also taken my own expertise in environmental issues further. My career at KONE has always taken the path I have wanted. 

During my years at KONE, I have seen the impressive leap that KONE has taken in terms of eco-efficiency. KONE was a pioneer with EcoDisc and regenerative drive already in the 90’s. KONE’s environmental excellence is also dependant on our internal actions – I don’t print paper, I communicate through virtual live meetings, and I travel by bus every day. Anytime we see a way for improvement, we try to make it happen. This strive for environmental excellence is challenging us as a company and the industry as a whole.

Image_quoteKONE has supported my career plans and encouraged me to reach my goals.

Name : Luis Garcia
Job title : Chief Design Engineer
Job description : The implementation of eco-efficient solutions for KONE products
Education : M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, B. Sc. Telecommunications Engineering
Place of work : Hyvinkää, Finland
Started at KONE : 2008